No Errands, Please!

A beggar sat at the gate of the rich man's home from whose bountiful
hand he had received constant gifts.

One day the rich man wanted to send a message as quickly as possible.
Since his servants were all busy, he found the beggar and asked him to
make the delivery for him. Lifting himself up with pride, the beggar
answered his benefactor with these astonishing words, "I solicit alms, sir,
but I do not run errands."

How many people treat their heavenly Father in this manner! If it were not
for Him we would not have the many blessings which come from His
hands. Then, when He wants us to go on an errand, or to carry a
message of Jesus' love to wayward men, we say, "No, Lord; I solicit your
blessings, but I do not run errands."

(from A Treasury of Bible Illustrations Copyright © 1995, 1998 by AMG International, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by