Saved Others But Could Not Save Herself

A little girl eleven years old, who was doing the housework in her home in
Elizabeth, New Jersey, during the sickness of her mother, was suddenly
horrified to see that her little baby brother had upset the lamp, and his
clothing had taken fire.

She determined to save the child, and ran with him to a lounge,
screaming for help. She rolled him over and over until the flames were
put out, although her own clothing had taken fire and she was being
burned to death while she was making sure of the baby's safety. She
saved the baby, and he was not badly burned, but the heroic girl died
after a few hours.

The brave little girl was living in the spirit of Him who, when he was
hanging upon the cross, was mocked by his persecutors, with the
insulting challenge that was truer than they knew, "He saved others;
himself he cannot save" (Matthew 27:42; Mark 15:31).